Tyler Gough

Also known as Feelin, a bilingual (English and German) Commentator and Host that lives in Germany. Covering esports and regular sports.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an email at tyler@gough.live !


With experience in a wide spectrum of Esports but also a focus on Football and Volleyball. Every moment matters.

Public speaking

Doing Interviews, participating in or hosting panel discussions.

He has always had a big passion for motorsports, so when the opportunity to cover Simracing arose, there was no hesitation. Here he has done various events for RacespotTV and different outlets.

Covering endurance racing but also the F1 franchise. Everything from community and charity events, all the way to the big competetive leagues.

Alongside games like Counter-Strike, Tyler has also been on broadcasts for PUBG.

In PUBG he was part of the team streams for the PUBG Europe League. As well as earlier events as the game was just starting with esports tournaments.

Counter - Strike

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive being his main game, this is also where he can bring the most insight. Having done English and German work for ESL, Sport1, Dreamhack, PGL and various other production outlets.

Fifa / PES casting

He played football for most of his childhood so commentating the FIFA or PES franchise comes without any problems. Invited to new.New Festival 2018 by Recaro to promote their chairs in a showmatch featuring local football club VfB Stuttgart and their player DrErhano. With the local football scene very strong in Germany, he has done various Commentaries for Clutch23 in their Stuttgart arena whilst also attending the Zockerolymp Tournament. Hired by VfB eSports to present their Virtual Bundesliga fixtures live from the arena.

Tyler was part of his school's debate team where he learned a lot about public speaking. One year the team were runners-up in the German National Debate Championships. Since then he has participated in various public events and interviews talking about esports. Besides that he also hosts desk and stage segments on broadcasts.

Summarized list of Events:

○ LIVE Events:
►4D-LAN 2017
►IeSF 2017 Swiss Qualifier Final
►Supreme Masters 2018
►StuggiLAN 2018
►newNewFestival 2018 with RECARO and VfB Stuttgart
►ZockerOlymp.de FIFA18
►MediaLegends 2018 LoL [Interviews]
►Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship Finals in Vienna
► VfB Stuttgart eSports Demo Cup (FIFA 20 Demo)
► Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2020 in Munich
► Supreme Masters 2020

○ Studio Broadcasts:
► IEM Oakland 2017 - 99Damage @ Freaks4U
► FIFA 19 - Virtual Bundesliga - VfB Stuttgart
► DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019
► Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2018/19
► DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019
► Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2019/20
► FIFA 20 - Virtual Bundesliga - VfB Stuttgart
► Formelaustria.at eRacing Championship 2020
► FIFA eClub World Cup 2020

○ Remote LAN Events Covered:
►NeSA 2017
►CIS Minor - PGL Major Krakow 2017
►DreamHack Open Valencia 2017
►DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017
►Binary Dragons Prestiege LAN 2017
►Arena of Valor International Championship 2018
►Games Clash Masters 2018
► Lantrek 2019
► PUBG Europe League: Stage 2
► PUBG Europe League: Stage 3

○ Online Casting (reduced):
► PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: Europe
► ESL Pro League
► ESL Meisterschaft
► ESL South East Europe Championship Season 6
► IEM XII - World Championship: EU Closed Qualifier
► United Masters League
► Farmskins Championship #1
► Farmskins Championship #2
► WCA Europe Main Stage
► GG.BET Majestic: European Qualifier
► GG.BET Majestic: CIS Qualifier
► GG:Origin
► ZOTAC Cup Master 2018 - Europe: Closed Qualifier
► Games Clash Masters 2019 Closed Qualifier
► CIS Esports Pro Championship 2019

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